Driverge Ford Transit

Driverge offers an array of Ford Transit possibilities. Their Impression Series is an executive-style van that delivers comfort and safety combined with cost-efficient, stylish upgrades. It’s the perfect revenue-generating people mover for all types of group events, hotel guest transportation, guided tours, and much more.

The Ford Transporters and Shuttle Vans from Driverge use SmartFloor flexible seating configurations. This track seating is perfect for those needing different floorplan layouts regularly. The seats are easy to move around the body of the bus maximizing flexibility in seating.

The Driverge Ford Transit Minibus provides companies with the ability to transport people utilizing a classic bus-style entry door. Combined with their innovative SmartFloor technology, the Ford Transit Minibus can also provide flexible seating opportunities, including options for a rear wheelchair lift and multiple wheelchair passengers.

Customize Perfectly

Impression Series Standard Features:

  • Generous seating for up to 15 passengers (including the driver)
  • Trieste leathermate reclining seats provide comfort and style
  • Luggage divider w/optional shelf for efficient cargo storage
  • LED ambient lighting and Euro-style reading lights for personal use

Transporter Options:

  • Side or rear wheelchair lifts
  • Stainless steel side steps
  • Bi-fold entry bus doors
  • Luggage rack and compartment dividers
  • Stanchion poles
  • Tinted windows
  • USB port and LED lighting

Small Bus Features:

  • 14 and 15-passenger seating layouts including the driver – or up to 2 wheelchairs
  • 2 bus door sizes: Large 38″ x 84″; Small 33″ x 76″
  • Built-in lighted steps with entryway stanchion pole
  • Electronic bus door operation
  • Remote control bus door for quick access from the driver seat or outside of the vehicle

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