BraunAbility Wheelchair Accessible Vans

Ralph Braun was just a boy in 1947 when doctors told him muscular dystrophy would soon rob him of his independence. It was a fate he refused to accept. He went on to invent the first battery-powered scooter, and later, converted an old postal jeep – complete with a wheelchair ramp and full hand-controls – into a vehicle that would give him the freedom he longed for.

Ralph’s amazing life was just the start of the BraunAbility story. BraunAbility was founded by a man who refused to be defined by his limitations. Today, they continue Ralph’s mission of providing others the same freedom he fought for in his own life.

  • Side Entry

    Entire floor is lowered so a wheelchair user can easily maneuver throughout cabin. Wheelchair user can ride in the driver, front row passenger or mid-row seating positions

  • Rear Entry

    The partially lowered floor typically makes a rear-entry conversion less expensive. No additional parking space is needed next to the vehicle to deploy a ramp

  • SUV Wheelchair Conversions

    BraunAbility offers the Chevy Traverse wheelchair conversion with a side entry ramp for those that do not want to switch over to a minivan.

  • Manual or Power Ramp Operation

    There are benefits to going either route depending on your needs and uses. Manual ramps need less servicing and maintenance with less moving parts. Power ramps operate with the least amount of physical effort and exertion.

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BraunAbility PowerXT, side-entry, fold-out ramp stowed with passenger side door open

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