Explore Cutaways: Shuttle, Tour, ADA, and Luxury Buses

These versatile vehicles can be built to your exact specifications and used as a church bus, shuttle bus, tour bus, and so much more. Comfort and safety are two of our top concerns regarding finding you the perfect bus, which is why we offer so many different manufacturers and models. Transit chassis vehicles are slim-lined to weave through tight city streets, and F550 chassis’ bring the muscle needed for climbing massive mountains to take a peek at a beautiful Hawaiian sunrise. Not every bus is built the same; find out which one fits your needs the best by comparing these models.

Shuttle Buses

Buses that work best for fixed routes like airport shuttles, hotel shuttles, and parking shuttles. These have highly customizable floorplans for luggage racks and can come ADA-compliant or not, depending on your fleet needs.

mid size paratransit buses are great for increased transportation needs

Tour Buses​

Tour operators need a high level of reliability and depend on their buses to make the necessary trips. With high-quality vehicles, regular maintenance, and proper operation, we will make sure your buses keep your tours running with comfort, ease, and exception.

large shuttle cutaway buses are spacious and roomy for larger parties that need transportation
check out beautiful and large tour cutaway buses for a wonderful tour experience
a small shuttle cutaway bus offers great transportation options for Hawaii residents

ADA Compliant

ADA compliant vehicles not only check all of the boxes for ADA purposes but have all of the essential safety features that will keep your passengers safe and secure. Low-floor entry allows quick, safe, and easy access for all passengers through the same door and a wheelchair-accessible ramp to deploy when needed. High-floor vehicles get better ground clearance and seat passengers higher, giving them a taller vantage point.


a beautifully designed Champion low floor bus can lower for safe and secure wheelchair access


Luxury Buses

High-end seating, atmosphere, and plush features give these limo-style buses their luxury feel. Sleek exteriors with hand-crafted construction will have your customers feel like they are driving around in a hotel on wheels.

Berkshire Coach

nothing says luxury like a high-end Berkshire bus, pictured here in gloss black

Federal Coach

Schedule Vehicle Service With Us

Even when sitting, buses should have their regular maintenance performed. Since most have been sitting for a while, we can check them out to make sure they are ready for re-opening and a great 2021!
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  • Inspect Wheelchair Lift/Ramp if Applicable