Vantage Mobility Innovations (VMI) Wheelchair Vans

VMI was created in response to a need. As a pioneer in the mobility vehicle industry, VMI began when its original founders were challenged to build a better wheelchair accessible vehicle for a close family friend. Looking to find a more convenient and simple solution than the traditional mobility lift, our founders took an Oldsmobile Toronado and created easier access by dropping the floor and installing a wheelchair ramp system. This endeavor was so successful, they later applied this innovative technology to a Chrysler minivan, and officially introduced the first wheelchair-accessible minivan in 1987.

  • Side Entry

    Entire floor is lowered so a wheelchair user can easily maneuver throughout cabin. Wheelchair user can ride in the driver, front row passenger or mid-row seating positions

  • Rear Entry

    The partially lowered floor typically makes a rear-entry conversion less expensive. No additional parking space is needed next to the vehicle to deploy a ramp

  • Manual or Power Ramp Operation

    There are benefits to going either route depending on your needs and uses. Manual ramps need less servicing and maintenance with less moving parts. Power ramps operate with the least amount of physical effort and exertion.

VMI's ParkSmart™ Parking Sensor

ParkSmart is the first-ever and only parking sensor designed to help avoid getting blocked in while you’re away from your vehicle. Large objects or vehicles parked too close often block ramp deployment and create problems for wheelchair van owners, and ParkSmart™ gives you the peace of mind that you deserve.

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VMI Vans Image Gallery

VMI's 2021 Toyota Sienna Hybrid Wheelchair Conversion

  • Toyota Sienna Hybrid

    Up to 36 MPG! Get where you need to go, how you need to do it, without stopping at the pump as often.

  • All-Wheel Drive Option

    Gravel, rain or snow, Sienna’s available All-Wheel Drive (AWD) system helps give you confidence on unfamiliar roads. The first wheelchair-accessible van to have AWD capabilities!

  • Side, Power-Entry

    With a side, power-entry and plenty of room inside, even larger power chairs are able to wheel in seamlessly.

VMI ADA Van Walkaround

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