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We represent the safest and most reliable School Bus manufacturers that have been building School Buses for decades, testing them over and over again. Whether you need a smaller bus for a few students to go on field trips or a larger bus for a whole football team to travel to away games, we’ve got you covered. All of these buses can come with a range of ADA-approved features like wheelchair lifts or ramps, customizable floorplans, and more.


Since 1967, Collins has been providing standard-setting School and Commercial Buses with highly customizable floorplans, the highest safety standards, and strong, long-lasting construction. Their “Classic Type” vehicles are built on a Chevy/GM or Ford E-Series Chassis and their “Transit Series” buses are built on a Ford Transit only.

Classic Type

collins classic school bus in Oahu, Hawaii

Transit Series


specialty school buses are available from Soderholm Bus and Mobility in Oahu

The Lion Electric Co.

To help achieve Hawaii’s fossil fuel independence, we support Lion Electric because they have been building cutting-edge buses with some of the best battery and power technology available. 

Type C: Conventional

Lion Bus type c for larger school bus transportation needs is available from soderholm bus and mobility

Type M: MiniBus

Used School Buses

Our inventory of used buses is constantly changing, and we have the ability to source used school buses from the mainland as well. A used school bus has many possibilities: converting it to a tour bus, food truck, or mobile home are just a few ideas! Schoolie conversions have become very popular, let us help you find the perfect bus for your idea!

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Even when sitting, buses should have their regular maintenance performed. Since most have been sitting for a while, we can check them out to make sure they are ready for re-opening and a great 2021!
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  • Assess Overall Operating Condition
  • Check Lube, Oil, & Filters
  • Inspect Wheelchair Lift/Ramp if Applicable