Explore Large and Medium-Duty Buses, and Motorcoaches

Transit operators require a higher level of durability and safety regulations for their vehicles; our buses have the best-in-class ratings in both categories. These vehicles are relentlessly tested in controlled settings like the Altoona track and overtime in real-life across the world by major municipalities. Larger coach buses for tour operators feature the best spots for anyone to view our islands on the go. Customizable luggage storage, ADA floorplans, and security components will give your passengers the best available transportation options, no matter your business. These large buses can also be used for higher-end school pupil transportation, sports team transportation, and hotel services. 

Large Transit

These are the largest, highest-capacity buses that we offer. Built for durability and efficiency, these are the true people-movers of the industry. Double deck buses are perfect for tour operators and transit agencies alike.

the ENC large transit bus is backed by beautiful maui mountains, stunning views await

Medium-Duty Transit

Medium-duty cutaways are a great addition to fleets and can offer certain features that you wouldn’t get in other bus styles.
larger Berkshire coach transit bus with large capacity for multiple passengers
check out beautiful and large tour cutaway buses for a wonderful tour experience
federal spirit coach bus large with blue sky background hawaii bus company


For city trips, intercity lines, charters, etc. VanHool builds the right coach for each tour group and each destination. They are comfortable and dependable, with just that little extra to make the trip unforgettable.

CX series transit bus large in black with greenery background

Schedule Vehicle Service With Us

Even when sitting, buses should have their regular maintenance performed. Since most have been sitting for a while, we can check them out to make sure they are ready for re-opening and a great 2021!
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  • Assess Overall Operating Condition
  • Check Lube, Oil, & Filters
  • Inspect Wheelchair Lift/Ramp if Applicable