Side Entry Wheelchair Accessible Vans

Popular Options:

  • In-floor or fold-out ramp
  • Manual or power ramp operation
  • Auto-docking wheelchair assist to help guide the wheelchair up the ramp and secure it in place
  • 2″ or lower side rails on ramp
  • Removable driver and/or co-pilot seats for front wehelchair positions
  • Internal or external transfer seat(s) to help people into the vehicle’s seat
  • Lowered Floor

    Entire floor is lowered so a wheelchair user can easily maneuver throughout cabin

  • Seating Freedom

    Wheelchair user can ride in the driver, front row passenger or mid-row seating positions

  • Extra Space Needed

    Side-entry ramps require extra space next to the vehicle for the ramp to deploy

Chassis Options:

  • Honda Odyssey Wheelchair Accessible
  • Chrysler Pacifica Wheelchair Van
  • Toyota Sienna Conversion
  • Dodge Grand Caravan Wheelchair Accessible
  • Honda Pilot Wheelchair Accessible SUV
  • Chevrolet Traverse Wheelchair Accessible SUV
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Side Entry Vans Image Gallery

VMI Toyota ADA

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