Explore Unique, Specialty Vehicles

When your business or enterprise has very specific needs, our specialty vehicles can keep up with your requirements. Our trolleys drive throughout Waikiki and on many outer islands and can be wrapped in the highest quality graphics by our installers. Double-decker buses can solve your seating requirements with some fitting up to 90 passengers, they also have wheelchair accessible design features available.

Trolleys and Trams

Whether you need to drive around the whole island, around one neighborhood, or even just one campus: trolleys and trams could be a perfect addition to your operations.

Hometown Trolley

pacific club honolulu bus trolley headed for waikiki

Mobile Clinics

Adapting to the times, Collins and Berkshire have come up with some amazing inventions as far as mobile clinics are concerned. With highly customizable floorplans and layouts, these mobile clinics are perfect for going to your patients, no matter where they are.


mobile clinic collins specialty vehicle oahu


Schedule Vehicle Service With Us

Even when sitting, buses should have their regular maintenance performed. Since most have been sitting for a while, we can check them out to make sure they are ready for re-opening and a great 2021!
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  • Assess Overall Operating Condition
  • Check Lube, Oil, & Filters
  • Inspect Wheelchair Lift/Ramp if Applicable