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Find Out What You May Be Missing

We represent mobility products from the top manufacturers in the world. We work with you to determine the type of product you may need based on what you currently do and how it could be done safer and easier. Having helped many people and their families, we have the expertise and knowledge to assist you in finding your driving freedom. 

From wheelchair lifts to hand controls and beyond, we can find the right products for you to make your driving or riding experience much more enjoyable.

Gain Driving Freedom

Lifts By Entry

Transfer Seat Options

Assisted Driving Possibilities

Steering Aids and Hand Controls

Working with driver trainers and occupational therapists, we can retrofit your existing vehicle or a new vehicle, depending on the make and model, with adaptive steering and hand controls. These are highly customized and suited precisely to your needs. Consultations are required so call us today to speak to a mobility specialist!

Types of Hand Controls:

  • MPS Guidosimplex products
  • Mobility Innovations products
  • Veigel products
  • Push/Rock hand controls
  • Push/Pull hand controls
  • Brake only hand controls
  • Steering devices like a spinner knob, quad fork spinner, tri-pin spinner, palm spinner, amputee spinner, and single post
  • Driver evaluations must be done in conjunction with purchasing these controls

Foot Controls

Foot controls offer solutions for a wide variety of mobility applications. There are many types of foot controls to meet your mobility needs. Whether you need acceleration for your left foot or car pedal extenders to bring the pedals closer to the driver we have a solution to meet your needs.

Types of Foot Controls:

  • Mechanical left foot accelerator
  • Electronic left foot accelerator
  • Pedal extensions
  • Heel shelf
  • We are a certified mobility installer and can coordinate with our service shops on neighbor islands to do foot control installs on Maui, foot control installs on the Big Island, foot control installs on Kauai, and foot control installs on Molokai

Pedals and Pedal Guards

These pedal guards when installed shield the vehicle’s original accelerator pedal in order to prevent use of it. They typically have quick release functions which make removal easy when not needed by other drivers. In most cases these devices can be transferred to your new vehicle when switching vehicles.

Types of Pedals and
Pedal Guards:

  • Left foot gas pedal
  • Accelerator guard
  • Accelerator & brake guard
  • Adjustable accelerator & brake guard
  • Driver evaluations must be done in conjunction with purchasing these controls

Extension Controls

Whether it’s bringing your main vehicle controls closer, or adapting the feature to be easier for you to use, we have an extension control for you! Per your needs- we can work together to identify the devices that could serve you the best.

Types of Extension Controls:

  • Seat buckle assist devices
  • Power window switch extensions
  • Rotary style gear selector
  • Column mount multifunction turn signal level
  • Crossover turn signal lever
  • Drop style turn signal lever
  • Button style gear shift lever
  • Gated gear shift
  • T-handle style gear shift
  • Adaptive parking brake levers
  • Key extensions

Mobility Van Options

Side-Entry Vans

Rear Entry Vans

Vans By Entry

Side-entry and rear-entry vehicles are converted differently and can fit different kinds of wheelchairs. Depending on your needs and where the vehicle will be parking, we can find the right style for you! 

  • Customizable seating with removable driver’s and co-pilot seats or flip down mid-row seats 
  • Lowered floor for easy entry and ramp installation
  • One or two wheelchair position vehicles

Braunability Vans

VMI Vans

Vans By Conversion

We offer conversions from three different companies:  BraunAbility, VMI, and Driverge.

Each has specific features, designs, and uses; we can help figure out which matches your lifestyle the best! They are the best in the world at converting vans using high-tech processes.

  • BraunAbility is the leader in wheelchair vehicles and mobility solutions
  • VMI is a major innovator of wheelchair vehicles coming up with new ideas to advance the industry
  • Driverge does unique vehicle conversions that can’t be found elsewhere

Vans by Chassis

Vans By Chassis

We understand loyalty to a manufacturer; we can keep your vehicles in the same family! We offer vehicles from most big car companies and some small manufacturers as well.

  • Ford
  • Toyota
  • Dodge
  • Chrysler
  • Honda
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Chevrolet
  • Ram