When we all closed our doors, fluffed our couch pillows, and settled in for what we thought was only going to be a two-week lockdown, no one could have imagined where we would be in 2021. We’re here now, and life has a breeze of normalcy amongst the chaos. Zoom family celebrations or business meetings are regularly scheduled in our calendars, delivery drivers know our routines, and we’ve become more okay with staying in.
Supply & restaurant deliveries are some of the conveniences the disabled & senior communities have needed for so long. Yet, seemingly overnight, these options are now available. Farmer’s markets are doing drive-by pickup, offices switched entirely to remote work, and schools became “anywhere” using distance learning.

Having options for daily practices is essential. The only time many in the disabled or senior communities get a break from sheltering in place is on a drive. They can bring any aids they may need and be guaranteed to avoid the general public’s germs and particles. Their vehicle can be their haven, their escape, and their silver lining.

Traveling solo with auto-adaptive equipment is available and can enhance the lifeline your vehicle has become.

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