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Soderholm Sales & Leasing

Soderholm Sales & Leasing, Inc. (SSL) was formed in 1989. SSL is the only fully licensed, full-service bus dealer in Hawaii and the Pacific. With our product mix of new and used, small & mid-sized buses, or full-sized motor coaches, school buses, vans, trams, or trolleys, SSL can meet any of your transportation needs. 

All of our vehicles can be made ADA compliant. We have a parts and service network established on all major Hawaiian Islands and Guam, Saipan, and American Samoa to perform warranty and repairs.

Soderholm Mobility

Soderholm Mobility offers consumers the opportunity to come to a local business to meet their personal mobility needs for Driving Independence! We’ve got the vehicles and equipment, including scooter and wheelchair lifts, hand controls, seating, and securement solutions and service on all major Hawaiian islands! 

All of the ins and outs throughout the process will be in capable hands when you come to Soderholm Mobility. We can help find funding, driver and rider assessment, and determine your needs’ best products.

Electrify Hawaii with Soderholm

Hawaii is uniquely poised to be the first state in America to become fully power independent from fossil fuels. We have immense indigenous power at our fingertips, like solar, wind, geothermal, ocean thermal, and more.

Electric transportation can then be charged off of green power and move our community in a healthier, safer, and greener way. Join us on our journey to electrifying Hawaii and stay tuned for more updates! This will be the first electric van of its size in Hawaii!

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