Electric Vehicles: The Future, Now

Our electric vehicles produce zero tailpipe emissions. No greenhouse gases, and no health-impacting pollution – perfect for cities, companies, and institutions on a sustainability mission.

Electrifying a fleet of trucks, buses, or vans is complex. From grant applications to vehicle selection, to charging infrastructure – we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Lightning eMotors

At the forefront of fleet electrification, Lightning eMotors is powering familiar commercial vehicle platforms with their high-tech electric powertrains. They also provide everything you need to charge. Whether you’re looking at purchasing new EVs or repowering old vehicles to electric, we’re your partner through the entire process.

Lion Electric

The Lion Electric Co. is an innovative manufacturer of zero-emission vehicles. They design and manufacture all-electric school buses and a specialized commercial bus for urban transit as well as urban trucks.

ABC Companies

Our partner for decades, ABC, is the exclusive distributor of VanHool motorcoaches in North America! VanHool’s newest CX45E all battery-electric motorcoach is outperforming all other electric vehicles of its size on the market. In addition, ABC has been offering OEM new electric vehicles and repowers from Lightning eMotors! A lot of new info is coming soon…

Electric Motorcoach

Vicinity Motor Corp & Optimal

The partnership of Vicinity and Optimal are going to be epic. Optimal has produced the first-ever low-floor, battery-electric, wheelchair-accessible cutaway bus the market has ever seen. Vicinity has two models of electric transit-size buses that they have brought to market as well. These vehicles have amazing technology and efforts backing them.

Collins School Bus

Partnered with Lightning eMotors for their electric propulsion systems, Collins has the best small-school-bus offering available. We have been selling Collins school buses for decades and can’t wait to get the first electric Collins on the island soon.

Lightning eMotors Logo

Sunset Vans

Class 2 vehicles are difficult to convert due to regulatory steps that need to be taken. Most manufacturers are not able to take the time to go through those steps. Sunset is committed to tackling Class 2 electrification! They have the first-ever low-floor battery-electric Class 2 wheelchair-accessible van!

Hometown Manufacturing

American-made Hometown Manufacturing has taken huge strides to come up with the best products and electric offerings. Their main line is their transit-ready trolley in low-floor or high-floor. Both of which will be battery-electric early next year!