Inside Vehicle Lifts

If getting around is more accessible with your wheelchair or scooter, a vehicle lift could even drastically improve it still! They will allow you to load up your wheels and get around town. With a permanent structure masterfully installed in your car, SUV, or van, you will no longer have to struggle to get your wheelchair in and out of your vehicle.

There are many different models and designs that are made for all different makes and models of vehicles. They also come in various weight capacities for wheelchairs and scooters up to 450 pounds!

Drive on, stow, and drive off


Our interior vehicle lifts mount on the inside of your car, truck, van, or SUV. Rotating boom arms allow you to easily lift and store your electric wheelchair inside your vehicle with minimal difficulty. These inside lifts install quickly and easily, providing you a convenient method of transporting your power chair.

We work with the VA, DOH, and More!

We can help you work with the office of Veterans Affairs, Department of Health, and more to get you fit for a lift. After years of work with these departments, we understand the process and can help guide you through it.

Wheelchair Lifts Inside Vehicles

Bruno's Interior Lift, the Joey

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