Lion Electric Type M: Mini/Midi-Bus Shuttle

The eLionM is an all-electric midi/minibus that meets paratransit and public transportation requirements. The midi/minibus is now available for pre-order. Created and designed specifically for the paratransit market, the LionM is spacious and offers unique features that provide enhanced security and accessibility to the end-users.


The passenger boarding process is complete in seconds with the integrated Bi-Fold access ramp and vehicle kneeling system. The LionM is perfectly tailored to passenger needs with its 90 inches interior width. The bus is built with innovative and high-quality materials to enhance performance and durability. The use of aluminum reduces the weight of the vehicle, increases its range, and significantly extends the vehicle lifespan.

Compared to diesel, electric buses show an 80% energy cost reduction and a 60% maintenance cost reduction. With an estimated 15 year battery life, your buses will be on the roads, needing less maintenance, for longer than typical combustion engine buses. Using a fast charging system, it only takes 2.5 hours to completely charge the bus.

Zero Emissions

Standard Specs:

  • Range: up to 150 Miles
  • Innovative Single-Speed Electric Powertrain
  • Up to 160 kWh Battery Capacity
  • Safe, High-Performance Batteries
  • Fully Assembled by Lion
  • Up to 31 Passengers
  • Touchscreen Display of Battery Charge and Diagnostics
  • J1772 Charging System
  • 55 MPH Top Speed
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • 8-Second Wheelchair Accessible Ramp Deployment with 6:1 Ratio
  • Low Floor with Kneeling System

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Lion Electric Type M

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