Collins Transit Series School Bus

The Collins Transit School Buses are one of the highest rated and safety tested small school buses on the market. They are built exclusively on the Ford Transit chassis giving it the classic slim-line body and compact look. Due to this small body, winding through small roads is quick and easy. Drivers have incredible visibility through all the large windows and the backup camera making it safe for those inside and around the vehicle.

This School Bus is available in six (6) different models: TL400, TH400, TL408, TH408, TH500, and the TH516WR. The differences between these comes down to the seating capacity needed and can be customized to your exact specifications. We work with School Bus specifications often and can help to write bid specs and make sure that you get a vehicle that is not only legal and get funding help from the government, but also what you as a school need.


  • Up to 25 Passengers in 5 Bench Rows
  • 3-Point Seats
  • 67” or 74” Interior Height Measured 6” from Side Wall
  • 68”, 75”, or 76” Interior Height Measured at Center Aisle
  • High Top Ford Transit Chassis
  • 240”, 248”, or 272” Overall Length with Bumpers
  • 83” Overall Width (No Mirrors)
  • 25” X 78” Manual Entrance Door
  • 27” X 78” Electric Entrance Door
  • One-Piece ½” Marine Grade Plywood Flooring
  • 4 Amber & 4 Red Warning Lights
  • 4 Interior LED Dome Lights
  • Tinted 28” X 30” or 36” X 30” Split Sash with 12” Opening Windows

Popular Options:

  • Backup Alarm
  • Backup Camera
  • Battery/Storage Compartment
  • Integrated Child Seats
  • Equipment Cage
  • Overhead Luggage
  • Reverse Backup Sensors
  • PA System

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Collins Transit Walkaround

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