ADA, Low-Floor Cutaways

Low-floor wheelchair accessible buses allow for all passengers to enter from the same door. An accessible ramp can deploy within seconds when needed, or one step into the body of the bus gets everyone inside. Without the time-constraints of a wheelchair lift, these buses are perfect for transit or fixed-route operators.

Additionally, we offer a kneeling suspension package to lower the bus even more, to minimize the entrance ramp’s slope. Our buses are built to withstand the most rigorous use and the islands’ salty air; they are designed to be rust and corrosion-resistant.

When you buy one of our low-floor handicap buses for sale, you buy the best product in the market. You’ll also receive our best-in-class service and support for the lifetime of that product.


  • Quick passenger loading through one door
  • Accessibility for all
  • Low, one-step entry when the ramp is stowed
  • Unobstructed entryway
  • High interior for taller passengers
  • Customizable floorplans
  • Optional luggage storage options
  • Optional kneeling suspension
  • Long-lasting construction

Offering Products From

The Spirit of Independence from Arboc Specialty Vehicles, a 14-passenger, low-floor bus built on a Ford Transit chassis with a power folding ramp for wheelchair access.

Low-Floor Bus Image Gallery

Arboc Specialty Spirit of Independence Low-Floor Walkaround

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