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Since 2008, Lightning eMotors has been re-manufacturing vehicles with an electric drive system boasting up to 120-mile range on cutaway buses. They are a Ford QVM (Quality Vehicle Modifier) manufacturer meaning that all Ford warranties remain intact and any modifications work seamlessly with OEM components.

Lightning eMotors, formerly Lightning Systems, is at the forefront of fleet electrification, powering familiar commercial vehicle platforms with their high-tech electric powertrains. We also provide everything you need to charge them. Whether you’re looking at purchasing new EVs or repowering old vehicles to electric, we’re your partner through the entire process.

Almost double the torque, lightning-fast charging times, and ZERO EMISSIONS.  This is a fast-growing company ready to electrify the Nation, don’t be late to adopt! 

Zero Emissions, Endless Possibilities


  • Re-manufacture existing vehicles to replace gas or diesel engine and drivetrain with an electric system
  • Save money buying an entirely new vehicle
  • Wipeout fuel costs, time waiting at the pump, and drastically reduce brake repairs and costs
  • Charging infrastructure fits your needs and abilities
  • Telematics to track your fleet and diagnose issues before you even know they’re issues
  • Improve air quality especially while idling

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