Extension Controls

Extension controls help to make standard features on your car work better for you! Depending on your needs, we can help to identify and then install the perfect adaptive extension control. These extensions can work like window button knobs, volume knob adapters, blinker extensions, parking brake control extensions, and more.

Some of these controls require a more extensive assessment and installation; others are a simple 5-minute set-up!

Common extension controls:

The JIMMY by Veigel is a seat buckle assist device designed to aid drivers with buckling and to unbuckle the seat belt buckle in an automobile. The JIMMY’s ergonomic design is lightweight and easy to use.

Made of soft silicone material, the Power Window Switch Extensions are glued on (no drilling required) and offer a non-destructive solution for anyone who needs extra assistance with power switches in their vehicle.

The Drop Style Turn Signal Lever allows drivers to activate turn signals while using a left-hand control without removing their hand from hand control. It mounts to the stalk of the turn signal lever using bands, not screws.

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Veigel's JIMMY Seat Buckle Assist

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