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Amerivan PT

Amerivan PT

The Amerivan PT Dodge conversion is fully ADA compliant providing single and multiunit owners with a durable, cost efficient alternative to larger vans.

The Amerivan PT Dodge designs have passed all applicable FMVSS/CMVSS crash testing requirements, are Altoona tested and Federal Transit Administration approved for all Buy America applications. Spacious, durable and comfortable, the Amerivan PT Dodge delivers unmatched safety, maximum flexibility, ease of operation and is the best value for your money.

Made specifically for the transit market, the Amerivan PT Dodge is equipped with 60” of interior height at mid and front cabin. The sturdy ADA 31” manual foldout ramp has an easy to use swing out gate feature standard for quick and clear access for all passengers. An optional swing in or fixed ramp makes the Amerivan PT the ideal choice for the transit market.

The Amerivan PT Dodge represents the best in a premium quality lowered-floor minivan for light transit use. Our Amerivan PT Dodge conversion has been Altoona tested for 4years/100,000 miles for proven dependability.

The Amerivan PT’s stainless steel floor and door extensions offer maximum protection from rust and corrosion. Every ElDorado National component of the Amerivan PT has undergone rigid testing for safety and performance and meets or exceeds all applicable U.S. and Canadian standards. All the renowned construction features of the consumer version, including the standard all stainless steel floor, is delivered in an economical, durable commercial version.