ElDorado National

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The smaller Aerolite is the perfect replacement for a standard passenger van, but don’t let the name fool you. With the same structural durability as its big brothers, the Aerolite offers great maneuverability in confined operating conditions and can be easily configured to not require a commercial driver’s license. The Aerolite is very customizable for passenger comfort and the dual rear wheels provide excellent road stability.

Our “Aero” line is built using a steel-reinforced composite body construction that is highly resistant to impact, rust and corrosion. Side and rear impact testing demonstrates the durability and strength of the “Aero” body composite construction!

Making passengers comfortable is a top priority. And we make it easy by offering 6” more headroom than conventional passenger vans.

From the floor to the door we have you covered. Unlike other buses our entry door frames, wheelchair lift door frames and step wells are made with powder coated stainless steel to ensure these critical, exposed areas will last.

As with all ElDorado National bus models, our vast array of options allow us to build the perfect Aerolite to meet your exact needs. We offer easy to access luggage storage inside or out, and the Aerolite can be equipped with a front or rear lift. Aerolite, the perfect fit for your application.