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Aero Elite

Aero Elite

Sometimes size does matter. Our Aero Elite will accommodate up to 33 passengers plus driver and does so without putting a dent in your budget. Aero Elite also features a heavier duty chassis and power train for a longer service life. The Aero Elite allows you to arrive onschedule, keeping your passengers happy. Look no further!

Our “Aero” line is built using a steel-reinforced composite body construction that is highly resistant to impact, rust and corrosion. Side and rear impact testing demonstrates the durability and strength of the “Aero” body composite construction!

ElDorado National builds quality and durability into every Aero Elite. Our undercoating process provides superior undercarriage corrosion protection. And the Aero Elite can be tailored to your specific needs such as comfort, convenient storage and easy maintenance.

From the floor to the door we have you covered. Unlike other buses, our entry door frames, wheelchair lift door frames and step wells are made with powder coated stainless steel to ensure these critical, exposed areas will last.

The Aero Elite has all the ride, performance, and aesthetic value to meet the retail industries’ needs yet has all the toughness and durability criteria to surpass the heavy usage requirements of the transit industry. Meeting all applicable ADA requirements, Aero Elite is available with a front or rear lift allowing flexibility in meeting passenger needs. And we are “green”. Our headliners are spun with recyclable materials that make it a quiet ride and are easy to clean.