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Chevy Super Bantam

Chevy Super Bantam

The Collins Dual Rear Wheel Super Bantam is available with 4 or 5 rows of seating, which can accommodate up to 30 passengers. It is available on a gas GM 10,000 or 12,000 GVWR chassis or gas or diesel. With 76.5" headroom and 91" interior width, the Super Bantam is a good choice for any size passenger. A wheelchair lift option is available with the 5 row model.

*All Collins Bus models may be configured as a School Bus, Allowable Alternate Vehicle (AAV) or Activity Bus.

Key Features

  • Totally redesigned to enhance quality and safety
  • Dura-FlashTM printed circuit board eliminates 60' of wire & 100 connection.
  • Dura-DoorTM automatic entrance door designed to increase driver comfort by reducing fatigue.
  • Limited lifetime paint warranty available on all models.
  • Dual Rear Wheel
  • Up To 30 Passengers
  • 10,000 & 12,000 GVWR